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The SICK SICK SINNERS was born in late 2005 in Curitiba, Brasil, after a couple of changes, the line up got settled with Vla...d (guitar and Vocals), Cox (Bass and Vocals) and Emiliano (drums and Backing Vocals). Since 2006 the band has been playing in many festivals and shows in Brazil, South America, US and Europe, many of them as a headliner. The band has already recorded 1 EP released by their own label called Zombies Union, and 2 full albums trough the German Label "Crazy Love Records", the latest one released in 2014 called "UNFUCKINSTOPPABLE". Following the good reviews from the album, and their live shows, the band has been invited to perform in the festival Ink'n'iron, in USA and Psychobilly Meeting, in Pineda del Mar, Spain. The sound of the band is what they call “Psychobilly Maldito” which is a psychobilly mix with punk and rock'n'roll!

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