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Lycans Den started in the mid 2000's  as a DIY local Punk Rock Psycho Shop but did not take on full effect till 2009. We work with bands directly to bring you the best prices possible and sickest collection. we have had the honor to work with some of the following bands; The Griswalds, Funeral Dress, The Misfits, The unseen, A global Threat, The Surfin Wombats, Long Tall Texans, Guanabatz, Gorilla, Sick Sick Sinners, The Sharks, The Frogs, Especimen, Sabandijas, The Sewer Rats, The Reckless Ones, The Peacocks, DR Know, Skitzo, Frantic Flintstones, Sir Psycho And His Monsters, As Diabatz, The Radarmen, Graveyard Drifters, Brujeria, Sindrome, Gamblers Mark, Os Catalepticos, Guanabatz, Batmobile  and much more!!


If you would like us to be your distro feel free to contact us.

We also buy internationally, if you would like to get us to be your USA Distro send us a private messege.



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