The Radarmen

The band was founded back in the summer of 2011. The band's previous guitar player Daniel met Jonny at a Noche De Los Psycho... show featuring the M3T3ORS with intentions to start up a band. Unsure if Jonny's old band, The Cosmix, were still active, Daniel made the proposition and the two came to an agreement. Daniel knew Julian through a previous band they used to play in who went by the name of NekroKats and asked him if he would be interested... and Julian said yes. Alas, le Radarmen were born. Throughout the first 3 years the band had exceeded their own expectations through their hard work, their love for the music, and their fan base. In mid 2013 the band replaced their original guitarist with the band's current guitar player, George, and have been on an endless hell reaping rampage ever since spreading across all of California and anywhere they are wanted. If you enjoy fast, sharp, and angry psychobilly or like being punched in the face repeatedly down to your stomach, this band is for YOU. The Invasion IS HERE!!

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