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Graveyard Bashers is a fierce psychobilly trio from Tampere, Finland. Founded in 2016, the band represents the more aggressive and raw side of the psychobilly genre joining bands like Os Catalépticos and Sick Sick Sinners. The band's debut album "Perverts On The Loose" was released in 2017 with a very positive reception. It was then followed by the CD release of "Where's Billy?" EP in early 2019 and on Vinyl in the fall of 2019 by Lycans Den Records. they are now working on their second full length which will be out in the summer of 2021. With great success the band has toured across Europe playing in many festivals making their mark on the new breed of psychobilly! Graveyard Bashers consists of Panu de la Rocka (Guitars/vocals), Lusse Punxwille (Upright bass/vocals) and Von Chippendale (Drums).

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