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1.Oath Of An Outlaw 01:34

2.Betrayers 03:22

3.Pick Your Poison 03:30

4.Not Much To Live For 03:13

5.Cocaine Covered Hills (feat Mikey Classic) 03:17

6.No Redemption Found 03:06

7.Shooting Sparrows 02:40

8.The Long Road To Hell 02:36

9.Chasing Devils 03:56

10.Another Bourbon Night 03:59

11.Old Regrets 04:14

12.Till The Whiskey Runs Out 02:36

13.Written In Blood 04:42

14.Crazy Ale For A Crazy Heart 03:25

15.If I Die Tomorrow 04:14

16.Weighing Sins And Forgiveness 04:10

Black Rose Phantoms

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