The band was formed in 1987 by 4 likeminded musicians who just wanted to make music and have a laugh. Now 27 years later, the band is still going strong with all the original members (apart from 3 and 1 extra guy).Over the years, Gary Griswald has seen many people join and leave the band, mostly leave, and is now currently enjoying the company of 4 young duchies.

Accompanied by Ramone Griswald on Bass, Joost Griswald and Simon Griswald on Guitars and Erik Griswald on Drums, Gary Griswald said "I'm just happy that they have the same surname as me", When prompted for further quotes the singer just mumbled and held his hand out asking "do you wanna buy a big issue"

In 2012 the band released "Better Late Than Never" which was the hugely popular follow up album to "Who Framed The Griswalds". It only took them 23 years to get around to recording the second album but now, in 2014, the boys are hard at work writing and recording their next offering.

Since the latest incarnation of the band has been together they have been very busy touring and playing live all over the world including U.S.A, Brazil, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, U.K, and of course not forgetting Germany.

The band has become a firm fixture on the yearly Psychobilly Earthquake and Psychout Circus festivals and are sure to be playing in a town near you very soon.


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